Bolivia ~ El Fuerte espresso

Bolivia ~ El Fuerte espresso

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Origin Bolivia
Department Santa Cruz
Region Agua Rica
Town Samaipata
Elevation 1,540m - 1,650m
Varietal Red Caturra
Processing Method Semi Washed
Owner Los Rodriguez Family

El Fuerte is located in a new growing region in Bolivia called Samaipata which is located in the eastern department of Santa Cruz, at the foot of the Bolivian Andes.

Coffee production in Bolivia is, and always has been, very small. Pedro began his journey in coffee by working with small producers in Caranavi, building a wet mill to process their coffee, and educating producers to selectively handpick their cherries. He also started to process small micro-lots from each of the producers, and because of the unique combination of heirloom varieties, rich soil, and incredibly high altitudes, the results were outstanding.

El Fuerte is 19.4 hectares in size and sits at 1,526 metres above sea level. The region has a fairly extreme climate, as during the day the temperature is 25-30°C and at night it drops to 8-10°C. This makes the ripening process of the cherries slow down, and the sugars of the fruit are concentrated in the cherry and bean, which in turn helps produce an incredibly sweet and complex coffee.